Building a positive gaming experience through VUI


|Meet Rylo: a unique Voice User Interface, to help navigate the emotional roller coaster ride of a gaming session.

The Challenge:

Gamers often turn to their safe space of gaming to vent out their feelings. Negative experiences in the life of a gamer might affect how long their sessions are. This can be broken down into- personal, interpersonal and environmental causes. During these games, emotional distress combined with the intense nature of E-Sports might get exaggerated. 

How might we make gaming sessions a more positive experience for the gamer? 

| Other teammates: Junxiang Yao, Zi Wang and Jerome Barclay

| Mentors: Sadia Harper and Verna Bhargava 

| My contributions: Leading the team, creative ideation, designing for VUI

| Time span: 4 weeks


The Needs of the Audience:

We spoke to 7 college going gamers who helped us understand the behaviour in a multi-player setting.

 •  Gamers can have a roller coaster of emotions during a session. 
•  There are two modes that gamers usually play in: In the ‘brain dead’ mode, they are playing just for kicks. In the extremely competitive mode, the game can turn pretty ugly, pretty fast.
•  A code of unsaid ethics amongst the gamers evolved.
•  Frustrations from real life and competitiveness in a game can lead to toxicity by a player.
•  Gamers love shortcuts for everything- whatever saves them time. It is already in use in their technology and their lingo.

This helped us create the following personas.


An immersion session with gamers.

Our Design Principles:


Do not disturb the gaming session. Be useful and active when needed.

Let function inform design. Be relevant.

Gamers are intuitive & strategic. Communicate the way they do.

Reach the gamers where they are most active. Be accessible the right way.

Empathy, empathy and empathy. Design for positivity.

The Idea

“I wanted a fellow mate who’d understand what I was going through and help me through it instead of showing me down.” 


Above: Our first prototype of the speaker. On the right: A user journey through a gaming session.

Rylo can:

• Keep a check on emotions in-game • Suggest tips & tricks for your emotions and games 
• Have presets for all things during your gaming session like: Music, Ordering Food and Smart appliances
• Remind you of your notifications during an intense gaming session • Change key defaults quickly

My learnings

• Understanding a completely new audience and the baises around them  • Refine Rylo through prototyping: from cheesy friend to a cool dude                 • A solution that stems from gaming culture  • To refine the VUI persona more to make replies more holistic 


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