A UX Designer at Adobe Spark, I have previously worked for Ogilvy and Zeno Group as a Creative Design Team Lead. Masters graduate from California College of the Arts in Interaction Design.


A milk delivery app that benefited small scale producers in times of COVID-19.

User Interface Design | User Experience Design 


A tool to help tackle the misinformation out there and provide true facts.

Design Research | User Experience Design 


A voice bot that enhances your gaming sessions for an overall better gaming experience.

Voice User Interface | Interaction Design 


A creative curriculum to help kids on their journey to become a better leader. 

System Design | Interaction Design 

A Little More


Designed Inspo, an EdTech Augmented Reality mobile app for kids that won at Stanford's hackathon.


Organised a workshop series hosted by our alumni, full of tips & tricks to  transition into professional practice.


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Were you ever asked the question 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' 

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